2018-09-30 Hotel Can Batiste, Sant Carles de la Rapita, Costa del Azahar, Spain to Barcelona and Qatar

Later today we will be leaving Sant Carles de la Rapita as we have an evening flight out of Barcelona via Qatar to KL and then on to the Philippines. Being a Sunday with most shops closed, we decide to spend the afternoon enjoying a special lunch at the very popular restaurant at the Can Batiste Hotel. We had booked a couple of day prior to secure a table and had decided to have the degustation menu which comprised of numerous small dishes served over the course of a few hours.
To start with our favourite martini olives arrive on queue
Then came the grilled octopus which was outstanding
The seared tuna was amazing
Next we tried the wonderful clams
We were pleased the fish balls were included on the menu today
We were surprised how delicious the sea snails tasted
The flavours in the seafood risotto were incredible
The fish with the vegetables were wonderful as usual
There was not a spare table in the restaurant at lunch
An interesting cheese course
Before dessert was delivered we enjoyed a refreshing sorbet
Our last dish was the fabulously presented dessert
Once we had finished our wonderful lunch, it was time to leave Sant Carles to make our way to Barcelona to firstly drop off the hire car and then catch our flight to Qatar
Leaving Sant Carles de la Rapita we pass the low lying flat land of the Ebre Delta
We have often wondered what this building is used for!!
I would love to have a couple of these amazing trees in my garden at home!!
After a comfortable 2 hour trip we approach the outskirts of Barcelona
We deliver the car back to the rental agent and one of their staff conveniently drops us off at the airport
Early evening we arrive at the International Departures at the El Prat Barcelona Airport

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