2018-09-26 Porto, Portugal

Setting off for our last day of sightseeing in Porto we see that the taxi drivers are still on strike!!
On our way down to the river we stop by the concert building which was built in the late 19th century and today operates as a nightclub
There is also a restaurant and a coffee shop in the old building
We take a stroll along the river and check out all the fabulous coloured buildings along the foreshore
Today we decide to take a boat to the other side of the Douro River
Fabulous views across to the central part of Porto
Following a number of narrow paths we make our way to the top of the hill
We arrive at the Yeatman Hotel which has an amazing view over Porto
With such an ideal location we decide to have some lunch on the terrace at the hotel
We spent a couple of hours enjoying the view and as there were no taxis available we decide to walk back to the river
The Yeatman Hotel where we had lunch
Looking towards the Episcopal Palace
We cross the railway bridge, Ponte Luis 1
Amazing views from the bridge
Early evening the streets of Porto are crowded with pedestrians
Later in the evening we decide to sample the local Japanese food at Domo
Great Japanese food and friendly staff at Domo

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