2018-09-23 Hotel Da Baixa, Lisbon, Portugal

This morning the queue for the Elevador de Santa Justa was enormous ….. we decided not to join the queue considering the temperature was in the low 30’s
Instead we headed in the direction of the popular restaurant area near Bairro Alto
We pass the Alcoa Patisserie which has an amazing selection of local cakes and pastries
Unusual plants for sale …. would love to take some home !!
We visit the Basilica of our Lady of the Martyrs
Although quite plain on the outside, Basilica of our Lady of the Martyrs surprised us with it’s beautiful interior
This area of Lisbon has some elegant shops such as Paris EM in Rua Garrett
Further up Rua Garrett is the popular Cafe A Brasileira
Time for a coffee break
……. and a delicious pastry !!
Ric stands by the Estatua de Antonio Ribeiro, a 16th century poet also known as the”Chiado” situated in the Chiado Square
Looking towards Praça Luis de Camoes, a very popular square in this area of Lisbon
Colourful local transport
The bronze statue of Luis Vas de Camoes from the 16th century (who is considered to be the greatest poet of the Portuguese language), was inaugurated in 1867 and stands in the centre of the square which carries his name
With the temperature soaring to the mid 30’s we thought we would find a nice air conditioned restaurant with light food …… Afuri, a Japanese restaurant was perfect!!
The staff were very welcoming at Afuri
We order amazing refreshing cocktails called Yuzu made with rum, lime, yuzu, honey and sparkling wine
Wonderful fresh oysters with local seaweed, wakame, sesame vinaigrette and lemon
Excellent Tuna Sashimi
Our favourite Edomame
Lobster Harumaki with lobster, shrimp, whitefish spring roll served with onion, yuzu and sweet chilli ….. so delicious
Fabulous House-Made Gyoza Dumplings
After we had finished our fabulous Japanese lunch at Afuri, we ventured out into the heat of the day
Making our way back to the hotel we pass numerous busy restaurants
As it was Sunday and no shops were open in Lisbon, we returned to the comfort of our air conditioned hotel to escape from the heat of the afternoon

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