2018-09-22 Hotel Da Baixa, Lisbon, Portugal

Hairdressers from MetroStudioCabeleireiro where I had my hair done this morning
The restaurants in the alleyways are starting to fill up for the lunch trade
Late afternoon we set off to meet our guide for the ‘Culinary Back Street Walking Tour’ which we had booked for this evening
With the taxis still on strike it was a long walk from our hotel to Estrela Park, where we had arranged to meet our guide
Thank goodness for GPS on our mobile phones, as without it we would have easily become lost
Finally we were not too far from our destination
We meet Francisca Menano , our tour guide for this evening in Estrela Park. She firstly takes us to a local cafe and explains the Portuguese history on how through navigation spices etc were brought back which developed the wonderful flavours of Portugese food. She also tells us about the people and food culture of this area, where we will spend the next few hours on our Culinary Back Street Walking Tour
At the cafe we sample some delightful pastries were flavoured with some wonderful spices
We next visit a local park which is a popular meeting place for the people who live in the area
Francesca was very informative and explained how people embraced the community culture of local parks such as this one we visited
This evening there were many families enjoying the very warm weather bringing food, drinks, blankets and picnic baskets to the park
Our next stop is visiting the Basilica da Estrela across the road from Estrela Park
The Basilica da Estrela is regarded as one of the most ornate churches of Lisbon with a detailed front facade and intricate marble patterns that line the interior
We continue our walk through the local areas west of the city centre of Lisbon
We arrive at a small local cafe/bar
It is a popular meeting place for the local men in the area
Here we sample the owner’s traditionally made cherry liquor
In Lisbon many buildings are covered in beautifully patterned tiles
The more modern buildings are often painted in lovely pastel colours
Our next stop is visiting a local shop selling specialty foods and wines
No shortage of wine sold here at Adega e Sabores de Portugal
Time to sample some of the local wine
The locally produced cheeses were really delicious
We next visit Aloma Bakery which specialises in the delicious Pastel de Nata, custards tarts
These custard tarts are very well known in Lisbon
Aloma has also a good selection of other pastries and drinks
We next arrive at Restaurante Europa Cervejaria
There is excellent fresh fish and meat on display
We sample some local white wine
A number of dishes arrive at the table including this very tasty broad beans dish
A tasty mixture of different types of sausages
A healthy chickpea salad
We each receive a sardine to sample
The food and the friendly service was fabulous at the Europa
The next stop for us is a small casual restaurant which specialises in fast food
A popular dish on the menu here is the steak sandwich with chips
We next visit an old building which houses a restaurant on the upper floor called Padaria do Povo
Padaria do Povo is an inexpensive restaurant that was full of locals
We tried the wonderfully flavoured chicken curry
Our final visit on the Culinary Backstreet Walking Tour is to Mercado de Campo de Ourique, which is a hip urban market with food stalls and bars
We arrived here at the Mercado quite late
The restaurant was still quite busy
Lots of speciality foods for sale here
Ice cream time!!
A selfie to finish a fabulous evening with tour guide Francesca

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