2018-09-11 Cala d’Hort, Ibiza, Islas Baleares to Marina de Denia, Costa Blanca, Spain

Shortly after 7.30 am we pull up our anchor in Cala d’Hort and we make our departure from Ibiza and from the Balearic Islands
After spending nearly four months around the Balearic Islands this year, we make our way back to the Costa Blanca on the Spanish coast
Finally after waiting many days for a perfect weather window, the conditions this morning were perfect to give us a smooth crossing back to mainland Spain
After six hours of motoring west from south west Ibiza, we approach the city of Denia
Approaching the entrance to the port of Denia
Prior to our departure from Ibiza, we made a booking for the Tangaroa in Marina de Denia
Marina de Denia which is a very smart marina on the Costa Blanca, is the closest marina to Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands
As always on arrival we radio the marina. Within minutes a marina attendant arrives to show us to our berth
Once we had hosed down and cleaned the boat, we assembled our folded electric bikes and set off to visit the Castle on the hill overlooking the town
Although we had been to Denia a couple of times previously, we had not ventured far from the marina
We ride up several streets and arrive at a section of the castle wall
Continuing around the wall we search for the entrance
The castle which has a history of over 2000 years was fortified by the Muslim Arabs in the 11th Century
The spectacular view from the castle over the city and port of Denia
Over recent years the castle has been restored and it is now a very popular tourist destination for visitors, especially those arriving on cruise ships which visit Denia regularly
After our visit to the castle we ride back in the direction of the port
Downtown Denia
Ric finds it hard to pass an icecream shop
Riding back to the marina we pass a large super yacht tied along the pier
In the evening we decide to try one of the better restaurants in Denia called Peix & Brases

The modern Peix & Brases Restaurant was a recommendation by another excellent restaurant in Denia which was unfortunately booked out this evening
We both enjoyed the dining experience at
Peix & Brases

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