2018-09-10 Cala d’Hort, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Dark clouds loom towards the south west of Ibiza
As the conditions once again were not perfect for us to make a crossing to mainland Spain, we spend another day enjoying the swimming in one of our favourite bays, Cala d’Hort
The jet propelled Flyboards are very popular in many of the bays all around the Balearic Islands
By midday several more boats arrive in Cala d’Hort
The restaurants in the bay are popular with sailors and visitors by land
The beach at Cala d’Hort is always full during the summer months
We made the most of the hot weather by having numerous swims during the day
Most bays with beaches have large buoyed off areas for the security of swimmers
Early evening the day tripper boats depart and again the clouds loom over the two islands to the south west
For us tonight we have another relaxed dinner aboard

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