2018-09-09 San Antonio to Cala d’Hort, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

With the weather conditions improving for a crossing back to mainland Spain, once again we leave San Antonio and head south towards Cala d’Hort which is a good place to wait for a weather window for our crossing
Goodbye to San Antonio
Motoring south we head towards the islands off Cala Conta
The crowds start arriving early at the popular beach
We pass the elaborate homes of the rich and famous
On a point by Cala Llentia stands the Time and Space Sculpture by Andrew Rogers
As we continue south we pass Cala Tarida, another excellent anchorage on the south west coast of Ibiza
Heavy clouds seem to be following us down the coast
Passing the small beach of Cala Carbo with it’s old lookout perched on the point
Finally we arrive back at Cala d’Hort
There are only a handful of boats on anchor here in the bay today
Time for a swim before the clouds open up!!
It was quite an experience swimming in the heavy rain!!
The heavy rain running off the surrounding cliffs caused silt to discolour the usually clear water of the bay
The silt crept further and further out of the bay
The Tangaroa was eventually also surrounded by the silty water

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