2018-09-07 San Antonio to Cala Conta, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Early morning arrivals to San Antonio
During the morning we experienced thunder followed by heavy rain
Soon afterwards the sun appeared and the conditions were quite humid
Numerous guests aboard the small cruise ship were ferried ashore to visit San Antonio
It is time for us to depart
Several day tripper boats head out with a crowd aboard
We make our way back to Cala Bassa which is situated near San Antonio
Once we drop our anchor it is not long before we go for a swim and a dive for more of our small abalone shells
It is a great bay to swim in and to explore the numerous caves along the shore
Along the cliffs there are a few holiday houses with quaint boat sheds and boat ramps
Although it has rained a few times, the water is still very clear
We have quite a lot of company arriving late morning
Once again it is time for us to move on
We head back south
We return to the spectacular Cala Conta which is not far down the west coast of Ibiza
The Cala Conta beach and surrounds would be by far one of the most popular areas of Ibiza to visit by land or by sea
Surrounded by spectacular rugged sandstone cliffs the beach would be the most photographed beach in Ibiza
Nearby are sprawling mansions overlooking the turquoise water
There are numerous boats of all sizes anchored on both sides of the beach spit and sandbar
Late afternoon we move from the southern side of the sandbar to the northern side, as doing so would give us more comfort overnight
To return to the northern side we need to navigate between the two small offshore islands
Once back we anchor safely approximately 50 meters off shore
The late afternoon sun glows warmly on the nearby boat sheds and surrounding cliffs
Soon the sun disappears and we enjoy another great sunset
The three restaurants ashore in Cala Conta are very popular with visitors from the nearby town of San Antonio
We prefer to have another quiet evening and have one of Ric’s fabulous pizzas aboard rather than dine in one of the very busy establishments ashore!!

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