2018-09-01 Cala Binniras to Cala Es Canaret, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Another beautiful day
Cala Binniras is a fabulous bay for swimming
The water is crystal clear
Ric loves diving for miniature abalone shells for the granddaughters
Early afternoon we head ashore by dinghy
The beach here in Cala Binniras is quite busy today
There are row of casual restaurants by the beach
We decide to try Elements
We order a couple of refreshing drinks and a bowl of local mussels to share
The mussels cooked in a spicy tomato sauce were delicious
After our lunch we head back to the Tangaroa
The rock at the entrance to the bay has an uncanny resemblance to Queen Victoria
The water police arrive and go from boat to boat telling the boat owners that anchoring in Cala Binniras is no longer allowed as the anchors damage the natural seagrass. Apparently over the coming months mooring buoys will to be placed in the bay
We decide to do the right thing and pull up our anchor and head to another bay
Much further up the coast we approach Cap Blanc and head into Cala Es Canaret which is a good safe anchorage
We join a group of other boats already anchored in the bay
We decide to anchor in the centre of the large bay so we have a good distance to swim ashore in all directions
The water is slowly starting to cool down however it still is well above what most people would call cool!!
As there is very little pollution in this area of the Balearics, the water is quite clear
For our dinner this evening, Ric cooks one of his fabulous pizzas in our Tasmanian barbecue
A nice vino tinto accompanies our delicious pizza with plenty of fresh tomato and jalapenos
The white tower in the corner of the bay appears to be some form of accommodation

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