2018-08-28 Cala Conta, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Our overnight neighbours

By 10 am many buses and vehicles had already arrived carrying hundreds of keen beach goers to enjoy a day in Cala Conta
Soon the restaurants will be very busy with the lunchtime patrons
For us it is a long swim to start the day
There appears to be standing room only on the popular beach
A couple of super yachts make an appearance in the popular bay

No shortage of fish swimming with the crowds
We head back to the Tangaroa where the rocky shoreline is less crowded
Nearby are several boat sheds which hire out kyaks and canoes
A familiar yacht arrives into the bay ….. last time we saw her, she got her anchor stuck
As the day draws to an end people start leaving the popular beach
A wonderful golden light shines on the shore as sunset approaches
Our beautiful Tasmanian Huonpine table has been wonderful aboard the Tangaroa over the years

Sunset arrives after another wonderful day in paradise

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