2018-08-21 Cala Llonga, Ibiza to Punta Alta, Isla Formentera, Islas Baleares, Spain

After spending a couple days in Cala Llonga we decide to move on and find a new anchorage
As we depart we pass our favourite little beach near the entrance to Cala Llonga

Leaving the bay we head back north
We return to Santa Eularia where there is a fuel berth in the marina. We plan to fill the tanks on the Tangaroa which should last us until we return to Sant Carles de la Rapita
The fuel berth is conveniently positioned near the entrance to the marina at Sant Eularia
After hovering around for more than half an hour waiting for our turn to fill up, we were finally on our way after an hour or so at the marina
Sant Eularia is situated 15 kms north east of the main town of Ibiza and about 22 kms from the main airport. It is the 3rd largest town on Ibiza and the town has the only river which is called Riu de Santa Eulalia. It flows into the sea on the western side of the town
All sorts of boats can be seen burning a lot of fuel around these islands!!
We again go south and pass Cala Llonga
It is not long before we come to the main town of Ibiza
At this time of year it is extremely expensive to take a berth in one of the marinas in Ibiza, especially the main town. Last year we spent quite a bit of time in the town and also not wanting to pay the ridiculous charges, we continue on. Again we admire the wonderful old castle standing proudly by the old town
We make the decision to continue south joining a flotilla of boats heading to S’Espalmador and Formentera. These are a couple of the smaller islands of the Balearics which are situated just off the south eastern point of Ibiza
We arrive at Es Penjats, which is a tiny islet to the south of Ibiza Island which has a prominent lighthouse
We decide to go down the eastern side of S’Espalmador, which is a privately owned island, the smaller of the two main islands south of Ibiza

We find a good spot to drop our anchor by Punta des Carritx, near the southern tip of S’Espalmador

We were surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water
More and more boats of all sizes started arriving on both sides of the narrow spit near where we were moored

There were plenty of people on the narrow sandbars enjoying sun, sand and water
With the weather so warm and with the water so inviting, it didn’t take us long to get some of our daily exercise
We spent quite some time swimming in the delightful clear and warm water

Late afternoon we decided pull up our anchor and head over to the opposite side of the islands
Numerous ferries were coming and going all day between the main island of Ibiza and the popular small island of Formentera
We return to the lighthouse and then head down the western side of S’Espalmador
Behind Illa se Sa Torreta is a popular sheltered anchorage in the north east of S’Espalmador
Always plenty of boats racing from place to place in the only speed they know …. which is fast!!
We pass Torre De Sa Guardiola on the western point of S’Espalmdor
One of the most sort after positions to moor here is off the beach Platja de S’Alga. Unfortunately one has to book a mooring buoy at least 12 months in advance to be able to moor here!!
There never seems to be a free mooring buoy here
In places there is quite a bit of wash coming from the hundreds of boats coming and going in the area
A comfortable traditional style wooden yacht
We join the brigade of yachts off the north western narrow spit of Formentera

As evening approaches numerous boats depart as they always do, however for once quite a few remained
Superb sunset again tonight

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