2018-08-18 Cala de San Vicent to Cala Pada, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Morning time in Cala de Sant Vicent
It is time to move on, so we head south east down the coast
Looking back in the distance to Cala de Sant Vicent and Punta d’en Valls in the foreground
We next head towards Punta Prima
We pass the familiar sight of the white square villa standing high on the hill and the Torre d’en Valls nearby
High above Cala Negra with views to both sides of Punta Prima, stands a magnificent large residence with swimming pools and beautiful gardens
 Punta Prima is the most eastern point of the main island of Ibiza
Once around the point we head in a south westerly direction
Not far around the point we approach Cala Boix
Cala Boix is a bay with a popular beach surrounded by rocky cliffs
There is a small jetty, a beach bar and a few houses ashore, not to mention the easy access to the road
We anchor here for a while and take advantage of having a nice long swim in the humid weather conditions
Once underway again we head down the coast
A few larger boats definitely in a hurry, rush by!!
Passing Illa de Santa Eulalia and Illa Rodona
West of the islets we come to the pleasant bay called Cala Pada
Ashore there are quite a lot of people by the beach and restaurants

Looking south, dark clouds are starting to appear near the popular marina and tourist town of Santa Eulalia 
Safely anchored by Cala Pada, we once again experience another thunderstorm
It is not long before the rain eases and a couple of drenched fishermen paddle by!!
The sun appears and everyone starts returning to the beach
We decide this will be a good anchorage overnight

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