2018-08-17 Cala de San Vicent, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning we wake up to a cooler, slightly breezy and overcast day
Several other boats join us in the reasonably sheltered bay
The wind gusts from the north increase as the day goes by
A catamaran attempts to anchor however it continually drags it’s anchor
Again another heavy thunderstorm begins
Visibility became very poor!!
A red steel yacht anchored in front of us starts dragging it’s anchor. Despite trying in vain with shouting and blowing our boat horn, we could not rouse the occupants from below deck until it was beside another yacht anchored behind us
The two yachts were now side by side!!
With the rain coming down in buckets and the wind blowing a gale, the two yachts had their anchors entwined
With many attempts in the awful conditions they tried to free their anchors and pull up their chains
Still no success after an hour of attempts!!
Finally they were free and the steel boat headed out of the bay
The heavy rain continued and we found a few leaks in the Tangaroa that we did not know we had!!
By 6 pm the storm had passed and once again the sun tried to make an appearance over the bay
Our French neighbours who narrowly missed major damage to their yacht during the day, decide to finally move on
Looking out into the distance towards Illa Tagomago with another boat approaching Cala de Sant Vicent
With all the dramas of the day, we spend another night in the now peaceful bay

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