2018-08-16 Cala Caragol, Mallorca to Cala de San Vicent, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

An early morning start from Cala Caragol which is situated almost on the southern tip of Mallorca
Sunrise approaches as we leave Mallorca for the last time this season
We have wonderful conditions today for our crossing to Ibiza

Motoring in a south westerly direction for approximately 7 hours we approach the north eastern coast of Ibiza

Off the north east coast of Ibiza is the small island of Tagomago, a popular anchorage of the area
With the weather conditions deteriorating we head for the sheltered bay in the north eastern corner of the main island of Ibiza
As we enter Cala de Sant Vicent the rain begins to fall
Once we had anchored safely in the bay the rain began to fall quite heavily
Thunder and lightning accompanied the heavy downpour
We took advantage of the rain and collected many buckets of the fresh rain water
After the 30 minute thunderstorm, the sky began to clear and a hazy mist rose from the surrounding hills of the bay
With clear skies the holidaymakers started returning to the beach at Cala de Sant Vicent

The bay is quite picturesque with it’s flotilla of small local boats anchored in the brilliant azure water
….. there are also quaint wooden boat sheds by the golden sands of the curved beach ….
….. and attractive white villas nestled into the surrounding hills
Time for us to get our daily exercise and head for the water
A huge school of fish were sheltering beneath the Tangaroa

We spotted several quite large jellyfish called Cotylorhiza tuberculata, commonly known as the “fried egg” jellyfish. Fortunately these are rated as low irritation and are common in the Mediterranean from July to October when the water is warm. They still looked quite scary!!!
With the weather forecast predicting more storms for a couple of days we decide to remain on anchor in the bay

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