2018-08-13 Cala Font de Salada to Cala Estany d’en Mas, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Spectacular early morning clouds
Puig d’es Porrasà at 486 m is one of the few mountains in the north east of Mallorca

We pull up our anchor and continue south east

We decide to stop for an hour or so at Cala Mesquida and go for a nice long swim to get a little exercise

Leaving Cala Mesquida, the popular holiday area of the north east coast
Approaching Cabo del Freu
Continuing on heading south east we round Cabo de Pera the most eastern cape of Mallorca
Down the coast we pass the red cliffs of Cabo Vermey
Behind Cabo Vermey is the attractive bay, Cala de Canamel

Puerto Cala Bona is a small fishing town and pleasant holiday area on the mid eastern coast of Mallorca
As we continue down the coast we pass a castle on Punta de Amer

Porto Cristo, a long dogleg shaped inlet is a very sheltered and quite a busy port especially during peak season
A short distance south from Porto Cristo is Cala Estany d’en Mas
We anchor in this small attractive bay with rocky sides and a very busy beach
The northern side of the bay is completely covered with houses and low rise apartments

With the weather still so warm, the beaches all along the coast are extremely busy
We are lucky enough to be the only boat in the bay apart from a ferry picking up and dropping off passengers


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