2018-08-12 Cala Santa Galdana, Menorca to Cala Font de Salada, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Goodbye to Cala Galdana, a good safe port on the southern coast of Menorca
Just west of Cala Galdana is the popular anchorage Cala Macarella
We continue west along the south coast
We arrive at Cabo Dartuch on the south western tip of Menorca and from here we leave the island and head in a south westerly direction towards the north east coast of Mallorca
During our three hour crossing we had some playful and cheeky visitors come and join us. The dolphins love swimming close to the bow of the boat taking it in turns to lead
This year we have hardly seen any dolphins around the Balearic islands and when they arrive it is quite exciting !!
After the reasonably short journey we near the northern part of the eastern coast of Mallorca
We approach Cabo del Freu which is close to the eastern most point of Mallorca
Near our entry to the coast we pass Cala Mesquida which is one of the most popular beach destinations in north east Mallorca
West of Cala Mesquida is the less touristy beach, Cala Mitjana
There are walking tracks all along this coastline and bays such as Cala Estreta, without direct road access, have very few visitors apart from those on foot or by boat
We decide to join a yacht on anchor in the next small bay, Cala Matsoch
We were ready for a nice long swim in the crystal clear warm waters of the beautiful bay
There were a few visitors enjoying the lovely white sandy beach here in Cala Matsoch
After spending a couple of hours in the bay we decide to find a suitable anchorage for us to stay overnight
Continuing a short distance west, off the coast we pass the small islet, Farayò de Aubarca
On the headland Morro de Aubarca on shore, there is a old watchtower, obviously a popular rest stop and a also a high viewpoint for some of the walkers following the track along the coast
Another popular way to visit this beautiful coastline and stop and swim, is by one of the many commercial day tripper boats ….. it is amazing how many people can be packed on board these large catamarans
We arrive in the large bay of Cala de Font Salada where we decide to anchor for the night

From our anchorage we can see the old tower on the eastern headland with the small islet, Farayò de Aubarca offshore
It is not long before we are joined by a very spacious new catamaran
Late afternoon a number of small motor boats travelling together, laden with families, arrive for an hour or so to enjoy a swim and a few beers nearby
Sunset in Cala de Font Salada
At dusk a group of paddle boarders with backpacks on and an eski aboard, pass our boat heading to the beach nearby. They obviously intend setting up a camp for the night. Over the months of being around the Balearic Islands, we have seen that this is a popular way of travelling around the coast for young back packers!!

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