2018-08-09 Marina Amarres Poniente, Mahon, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

It is not hard to find the Tangaroa in the marina ….. just look for the pink bougainvillea
As we have to wait another day before the mechanic arrives we decide to go to the Mercado de Pescados for a light lunch
There are numerous stalls to choose from with different types of food and wines, all prepared tapas style

Chirozo sticks and cones of chips ready to be cooked wait for customers
Ric sets off and returns with these amazing freshly opened oysters and an delicious grilled octopus dish

We try some of the small stuffed red peppers and olives from the stall beside our table
After lunch we walk to the nearby main square
Just beyond the square was the hairdressing salon our new acquaintance Barbara had recommended …… they were fortunately open, so I had my hair done by a lovely Italian hairdresser who just started working there
Ric arrives to collect me and we continue strolling through the lovely streets of Mahon checking out all the shops!!
Early evening after quite a bit of retail therapy and parcels in hand we went to the pleasant bar called Asorbo, where we had drinks before dinner the prior evening
We decided to have a couple of gin and tonics to quench our shopping thirst
We decided after such a light lunch we needed to order some mussels …… which were fabulous
From our street side table we see the super yacht called ‘Icon’ which we have encountered while cruising, arrive in the port
We decide to order another dish …. this time an unusual prawn and black rice dish which was delicious
At the next table was a friendly English couple with their daughter who plan to sail around the world in the next 12 months …. what an amazing adventure!!
With shopping bags in hand, it was time for us to head back to the Tangaroa
We detoured on the way back to have a closer look at ‘Icon’
At 2.45 am in the morning we were woken by very loud thunder followed by lightning


For approximately 30 minutes we experienced wind and torrential rain with more thunder and lightning
After assisting our neighbours on either side with spare fenders finally by 3.30 am the storm had passed

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