2018-08-07 Playa de Punta Prima , Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Another clear hot and sunny day in Punta Prima
We decide to stay another day here at this lovely anchorage and take the opportunity spend a lot of time in the water to escape the heat
This area is well known for it’s huge expanse of amazing turquoise blue water
Plenty of swimming today in Punta Prima
The water is a beautiful 28/29 degrees
The beach is crowed as it always is during the peak of the summer period
Nearby is the island of Isla del Aire which unfortunately has now been made illegal to anchor near. There appears to be a handful of boats there today which probably are unaware of the new restriction …. it won’t be long before the officer arrives to move them on!! As they did when we were there the day before!!

The evening sun on the now deserted Isla del Aire
Another sunset over Punta Prima
We heard this was a good restaurant to go to on shore
We decide to again stay aboard and enjoy one of Ric’s great tasty pizzas. With the best view in town enjoying one of our delightful vino tintos ( which we bought from our friend Nico who is in the wholesale food and wine business) and fabulous pizza … what could be better!!

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