2018-08-06 Isla Colom to Playa de Punta Prima, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

We were pleased that yesterday we decided to move so late in the day from Cala Prudenta. We had a much more comfortable night sheltered behind Isla Colom than we would have done there
Before our departure we decided to have a nice long swim following the interesting rocky shoreline

This morning we are not the only ones pulling up our anchor and departing 
As we slowly leave the anchorage we again pass the small beach on Isla Colom which is very popular with the locals and visitors arriving on the tiny island by ferry or boat
We continue in a south easterly direction down the east coast of Menorca
You see many large super yachts cruising around the Balearics in the summer
On our way down the coast again we pass the charming town of Mesquida 
There are a lot of bare sailors in the Balearics
We near Punta S’Espero which is not far from the entrance to Mahon
In Clot de la Mola, by the entrance to Puerto Mahon there are several boats on anchor 
Before continuing along the southern coast of Menorca, Ric insisted on filling the fuel tanks in Mahon
This meant another slow trip up the long harbour to Puerto Mahon where the fueling depot is located
We pass lots of Menorquins here in Menorca
Once near the fuel jetty in Mahon, it is a long wait to get the tanks filled
We spent over an hour and a half waiting for fuel today ……  we just hovered around waiting for our turn

All fuelled up and back on our way out of the large Mahon harbour we pass Cala Fonts on the western side
Cala Fonts is in the town of Es Castell, which was established by the British 200 years prior. There are restaurants here that only serve true British food!!
Once back out of the harbour we continue the short distance south towards the south east tip of Menorca
We pass the tiny narrow Cala Alcaufa believed to be one of the first calas to be developed
Off the south eastern tip of Menorca is the small island, Isla del Aire
When we arrived, there were many boats there on anchor
In the past it has been a very popular anchorage, especially for the locals
While we were there on anchor an officer from the local National Parks arrived and told all the boats to leave. A new law prohibits anchoring at the island in order to save the posidonia oceanica which is a seagrass that is rapidly declining in the Mediterranean
We did the right thing and pulled up our anchor and moved over to Punta Prima which was a short distance away
Punta Prima is also a very beautiful anchorage with amazing turquoise blue water

Time to get some exercise and have a long swim

Swimming is very safe here as a very large section of the water by the beach is buoyed off for swimmers
Again it is a very hot and humid evening so salad and cold meats are on the menu tonight
Sunset over the buildings of Punta Prima

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