2018-08-04 Cala Fornells to Cala Prudenta, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

After a very late night enjoying the company of our lovely new Menorcan friends, at noon we started thinking about making a move to one of the lovely bays that they had recommended to us

Once again we depart from the Fornells and head back east
We look at the familiar rugged cliffs as we continue a short distance along the coast
We pass the busy Cala d’en Tosqueta
Just south we arrive at the small cala, called Cala Prudenta which Nico and Montse had recommended to us
To the right off the cala is a very narrow inlet which has a few smaller boats anchored and tied up together
We had no problem anchoring in the main part of Cala Prudenta
Later looking closer at this photo ….. is that a foot of a fully clothed female dressed in white disappearing into the water??
During the day quite a number of other small boats arrive and anchor in the narrow inlet
The Llauts seem well set up with shades to protect everybody from the hot sun
We decide to get out of the heat and go for a swim

We swim up the narrow islet passing the small menorquin, which is actually named ‘Menorquin’ …… perhaps there is a history with this boat
Ric and I swim all the way up the narrow inlet which is extremely shallow all the way …… less than half a metre
It is great to see a group of friends with their families tying up together in the islet
Unfortunately we had to be careful as one of the friends had a jet ski and took everybody one by one for a fast ride out of the bay!! 
Dinner tonight is a light tomato and tuna salad
The delightful menorquin leaves the bay
Another peaceful sunset

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