2018-07-30 Cala Fornells to Playa Cavalleria, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

After a couple of lovely days on anchor in Cala Fornells and a couple of lovely nights out to dinner, we make our departure
To the south east in Cala Fornells is the island, Isla Sargantana
Fornells is a delightful town to visit
If one prefers, there is a marina available to berth one’s boat

One can always anchor in this small bay by the town, however with so much water traffic passing by and coming and going from the marinas, it can become uncomfortable
The local church overlooking Cala Fornells
Behind the long line of holiday houses is the old lookout tower which in recent times has been converted to a museum
Once out of Cala Fornells we again head west, passing Cabo Cavalleria to visit one of Nico and Montse’s favourite beaches of the area
Firstly we pass Cala Viola de Ponent a tiny bay with a small beach
Next we come to the long, narrow inlet of Puerto Nitge which in ancient times was a Phoenician harbour (1600 BC) and in later times it was a Roman harbour (200 BC) …..what a history
Perhaps some of the remains nearby date back to those times
We approach Cala Cavalleria which is the beach we were recommended to visit
Several boats are already anchored off the beach
It is fairly shallow towards the dark cliff so we anchor out a little
There are lots of people enjoying the sun and the beach today …. beach patrol in the yellow tops make sure nobody gets into trouble while in the water

It is time for us to get some exercise

We head towards the north eastern head of the beach 
We swim together to the next bay called Cala Rotja which has amazing red cliffs and red sand
Another selfie!!!!
Back to the boat after a fairly long swim
For most of those visiting the Cavalleria beach for the day, there are a lot of steps to climb at the end of the day to get back to their vehicles or transport
The hills behind the beach are glowing as the sun lowers in the sky
An amazing sunset tonight

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