2018-07-29 Cala Fornells, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

As the internet was quite good here in Cala Fornells, we spent the day aboard catching up on paperwork, emails and phone calls plus doing a couple of loads of washing!!
This evening we decided to go ashore again for a quick less expensive dinner

Looking back to our anchorage in the large Fornells harbour
There is a wonderful walkway that continues for quite some distance along the waters edge here in Fornells. There are also several jetties that makes it easy to come ashore for sailors and tie up their tenders

Fornells has a small population of around 1000 locals however in summer the numbers increase significantly
The town is small and consists of white washed buildings and houses and there are numerous restaurants and shops to keep the ladies busy too!!
Other holiday destinations around the Balearics have many high rise hotels and fortunately none are found here
There is a lot of pride in this town and it can be seen by the cleanliness of the streets and well kept planting around the town
Occasionally you come across a rogue colour in the town!!
A market is set up this evening selling locally made goods and souvenirs
We hadn’t booked a restaurant so we decided to start looking along the main road
Although quite busy we managed to get a table at Sa Xerxa, a small restaurant on the main road
For a change we ordered a jug of chilled Sangria …… not usually our favourite however the waiter said it was the best in town!! I think we will stick with the red wine in future!!
Ric checks out the menu and makes some suggestions
Our first dish is the delicious deep fried baby squid

An amazing dish of ceviche is the next on the list
Next we have the absolutely delicious baby eggplant with special tomato sauce
Shrimps with vegetables and fine Asian noodles was wonderful
We thought mine host had forgotten the mussels ….. however a generous bowl arrived!! So delicious…..
We met a local couple who came into the restaurant late and sat at the next table
Being such a warm evening we joined Nico and Montse for a drink or two in the restaurant bar outside in the adjoining street
By the time we got back to the Tangaroa we could not believe it was after 1.30 am !!!!

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