2018-07-27 Cala Pregonda, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

It is lovely to wake up in the morning and find yourself anchored in one of the most delightful and beautiful small bays in the Balearic Islands
The water here is such a clear aquamarine blue
The two beaches are wide and sandy and not being easy to actually get to,  makes them less populated than most around the islands
There very few houses in the bay and all of them are situated on or near the longer beach to the west

Lots of small day tripper local boats from the Fornells or other towns of the area come and spend the day here in summer and then take off around 6 to 7 pm

The other beach is on the eastern side of the small bay 

This little anchored boat which has a large icebox, is owned by an innovative guy who rows a blow up dinghy to the beaches selling cool drinks …. he probably does very well in the hot weather!!!
Today being another one of the numerous scorching days we have had this summer, we put up our shade over the front of the boat which makes it very pleasant to lie under and read and relax
Time for another swim!!
We swim to the islets to the north of the bay
Here we find the unusual rock that resembles a hand …. so some say
Around the islets the underwater sea life is wonderful

Towards the evening numerous boats leave, however this group of locals have settled in for the evening

Pasta with a fresh tomato sauce on the menu tonight
Another lovely sunset over Cala Pregonda
Tonight we experience the red moon with an eclipse …. wow!!!

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