2018-07-26 Isla d’en Colom to Cala Pregonda, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning we pull up our anchor and depart the bay to continue on up the coast
Looking back to the delightful village of Es Grao which we visited the day before
We pass the ancient tower on the western side of the anchorage
Then we continue north following the coast passing attractive Cala Morella Nou
Another popular beach and anchorage to the north is Playa de Capifort
Not much further up the coast is Cabo Favaritx
Before the cape, tucked into the corner is a fabulous bay called Cala Presili. It has a small quiet beach and crystal clear turquoise water …… great for swimming
We enjoyed a couple of hours swimming here in Cala Presili

After our swim we continue on with our journey and go around Capo Favaritx which is the north eastern point of Menorca
It is great to see the fishermen still out there doing what they have been doing for years
Continuing on we pass Cala Sabina de Mongofre and Cala de S’Enclusa which are twin bays. We have stopped and swam in these bays on a previous occasion

We arrive around the entrance to Puerto de Cala de Addaya which has a safe all weather anchorage at the end of a long estuary. We were interested to just motor in and have a look
Lovely houses and a bay are near the entrance to the long narrow estuary

Following the markers we continue south down the narrow waterway
Lovely houses with their own jetties line the narrow waterway
Tucked behind the small island of Isla Monas, well down the estuary, we come to Puerto Addaya which has a small marina housing many small local boats
Opposite the marina is a lagoon area where one can drop an anchor and moor all year around
We turn around by the marina and continue back down the estuary from where we came
Heading further along the coast we pass the entrance to Puerto de Fornells, a large anchorage where we shortly intend having a couple of days
We  continue west on the northern coast towards Cabo Cavalleria and then to Cala Pregonda, on of our favourite bays
Although not necessary, we always go around Isla Nitge which lies north west off the coast of Capo Cavalleria … the depth ranges from 2 to 6 m between the island and the mainland of Menorca
We look back to Cabo Cavalleria, the northern most point of Menorca
Cala Cavalleria is a very popular beach and anchorage in northern Menorca
We arrive at Cala Pregonda, one of our favourite bays in the Balearics. By the number of boats anchored outside the bay it seems unlikely to get an anchorage in the bay
We decide to go into the bay anyway and we were very surprised that by chance there was plenty of room for us to anchor
Obviously late afternoon a few boats had left 

Slowly as the shadows creep across the beach the beach goers pack up and head for home
Time for a swim before dinner
Cala Pregonda is sheltered by a group of small islets to the north of the bay

Ric cooks one of his famous pizzas for dinner tonight
A full moon rises over the hills this evening

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