2018-07-25 Isla d’en Colom, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning we leave the Tangaroa and by dinghy we go to the small village of Es Grao

Between Isla Colom and the mainland of Menorca the water is very shallow, less than 1m in places
We make our way to the village of Es Grao where we will dispose of some rubbish, have a look around and buy some groceries
A small Menorcan Llaut with a sail
Looking back to the anchorage off Isla Colom

Arriving at Es Grao
We tie up the dinghy on one of the tiny piers
Once we disposed of the rubbish we enjoyed a coffee in the small cafe overlooking the water
All the houses in the town are neatly painted and look very quaint

It is clear that the locals have a huge sense of pride with their gorgeous little village

We find the local supermarket along a well swept street
Back to the dinghy

We return to our anchorage via the shallow shoal by the island
Once back aboard and groceries stored we cool off by going for another long swim over to the island

Ric’s special green Thai chicken and veg curry for dinner tonight
Another beautiful sunset
…. followed by a beautiful night sky

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