2018-07-24 Cala Taulera to Isla d’en Colom, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning before we departed the bay, we assisted a yacht which had unfortunately anchored the previous day in water that was far too shallow. As the Tangaroa weighs around 24 ton it was not a problem for us to pull the yacht free
Cala Taulera is a great anchorage near the entrance to Puerto Mahon. Many sailors anchor here and go into the town by dinghy which takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes
Once the good deed was done, we continued out of the bay to resume our journey up the east coast of Menorca
Again we pass the ancient ruins on both sides of the channel near the entrance

Turning left we approach Punta S’Espero
Once around the point we continue up the east coast of Menorca
Nearby by La Mola, we can see the masts of yachts in Cala Taulera where we had anchored overnight
We approach Cala Mesquida which is a delightful small fishing village on the east coast
Cala Mesquida is a very quaint village and has a tiny harbour
The village also has a small beach however there is very little space for anchorage
Most of the bay is buoyed off for swimmers by the beach and mooring buoys for small local craft. The beach is used more by the locals and visitors that arrive by car or bus from Mahon
We continue further up the coast and approach an anchorage near Isla Colom
It is time for a well earned swim amoungst a few kyakers and pedaling water cars!!
In the not too far distance is the town of Es Grao
The main source of income for Es Grao is tourism however fishing is still done from this tiny village
In front of the town of Es Grao there are many buoys reserved for the locals and fishermen such as this one
Fishing is still a major source of income for some of the small villages in Menorca
As there is a very shallow sandy shoal between Isla Colom and the mainland, we head around the island to anchor behind it
The town is still close enough to travel to by dinghy to pick up supplies from here
We anchor off Punta d’es Tamarells and nearby is a conspicuous ancient lookout
There is a small beach on Isla Colom and the only access is by small boat or by kayak
We had several swims today leaving the Tangaroa and swimming from boat to boat for safety to get to the shoreline by Ses Planes of Isla Colom
Great underwater sea life around Isla Colom

The island has amazing rock formations covered in low lying green growth
Swimming towards the little beach called S’Arenal d’es Moro on Isla Colom
Locals and kayakers seem to have set themselves up well for the day on the beach
After a long time in the water we swim back to the Tangaroa
A time to relax and read and enjoy a little vitamin B in the late afternoon
As the evening approaches the clouds look amazing in the western sky
A hearty steak and a healthy salad for dinner tonight

Sunset arrives once again in our peaceful paradise

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