2018-07-23 Cala Galanda to Cala Taulera via Cala Porte, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

It was time for us to continue on, so once again we depart Cala Galanda
Every time we leave Cala Galanda we commiserate with the owners of this property! It is located in an outstanding position on the headland by Cala Galanda facing south!! Unfortunately they have lost half their garden and the house looks too close to the edge for comfort!!
We continue east along the south coast of menorca
This is a new design of a boat built in the same shipyard as the Tangaroa in Menorca. The Menorchino 68 is built under the company name of Sasga
As we continue east we pass the popular bay called Cala Trebalujer
Next we pass Cala Escorxada
In our travels we see some wonderful super yachts
We then spotted crystal clear water and caves on the rugged coastline
A perfect spot to explore the caves and have a nice refreshing swim
After our swim we continue along this stunning coast
Great scenery
This area of southern Menorca seems to have several popular long beaches 
The area known as Son Bou is a major package holiday destination with numerous hotels staggered along the sandy beach coastline
Son Bou is only 20 km from Mahon, the capital of Menorca and it caters to holiday makers who want everything on their doorstep …. hotels, beaches, restaurants, sightseeing tours etc etc
Nearby one can find the most incredible history of early settlement in Menorca. Hundreds of caves have been discovered where early inhabitants of this area lived …. dating back to many thousands of years
We continue along this incredible coastline
Arriving in the very popular Cala Porte, we were surprised we were able to find a spot to anchor in for a few hours
Cala Porte is a stunning bay with beautiful turquoise water and a well sheltered beach. The bay is surrounded by lovely white houses and is a very sort after area to visit, especially by boat
Beyond the entrance there are several large caves which now have been turned into a restaurant/ nightclub ……. pity!

We make sure we take advantage of the wonderful bay and swim into the beach

Great houses overlooking the bay

Good beach
We return to the boat and decide we would continue on further and find an anchorage for the night

The caves at the entrance which unfortunately have been redeveloped into a nightclub and a restaurant ….. there is even a lift to bring customers from the car park above!!
A little further east we  arrive at Cala Covas which is supposed to be the most spectacular and beautiful anchorage in the Balearics. It has over 150 caves which were believed to once have been inhabited by prehistoric man. Unfortunately in the past and again on this occasion we have not been able to get into the bay due to the number of boats there. Next time …..  maybe
The coastline is dotted with numerous small bays which at this time of year are quite congested
Lots of lovely white houses are perched on the waters edge
The most popular boats it seems around the Balearics are the fast speed boats!! There is only one speed they go and that is fast!!

Cala Canutells with it’s conspicuous white apartments on the eastern side of the bay
One of the most popular bays for the locals and visitors is Cala Binibeca which again is always busy
We continue towards the south west tip of Menorca
Just around the south west tip of the island is a spectacular stretch of the most stunning coloured water
Not far off the south east coast is the small flat island of Isla del Aire
The colour of the water off Playa de Punta Prima is truly stunning 
Playa de Punta Prima
Continuing up the coast we pass Cala Alcaufa
Once again we approach the entrance to the major town on the island, Mahon 
Near the entrance to Mahon we veer right towards the anchorage known as Cala Taulera
We pass the Fortress of Isabel II which is situated on La Mola, which is a headland on the eastern entrance to the port
Once again we arrive in Cala Taulera to anchor for the night

As the sun sets over Cala Taulera the surrounding hills take on a wonderful golden hue
Although the water is not clear, swimming is fine in Cala Taulera
Salmon with stir fried vegetables on the menu tonight
This evening there is no a breath of wind or a ripple in the water

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