2018-07-20 Cala Es Calo, Mallorca to Cala de Son Saura, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

After breakfast we carefully pull up our anchor and make our departure from the bay
Once around Cabo Farrutx we start our 3 hour journey across to the north eastern island of Menorca
As we head in a north easterly direction we look across to the islet Farayo de Aubarca and the numerous delightful Calas on the north east coast all the way along to Cabo del Freu
It is not long before Mallorca disappears into the distance
After a calm crossing we see Cabo Dartuch on the south west corner of Menorca
We arrive at our familiar destination, Cala de Son Saura, situated just east of Cabo Dartuch
Cala de Son Saura during peak season can be extremely busy and one can only drop an anchor where one finds room!!
The good thing about this bay is that there is a very generous buoyed area where one can swim without the fear of being run over by a boat or a dinghy
Another wonderful thing about Cala de Son Saura is the crystal clear turquoise water framed by a natural white sandy beach
Towards evening many of the day tripper visitors leave and the bay becomes much less crowded
Ric creates one of his wonderful semolina based pizzas for our dinner tonight ……yum
Sunset in Cala de Son Saura

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