2018-07-18 Puerto Sòller to Cala Es Calo, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

After a week in Puerto Sòller we finally make our departure
Puerto Sòller is one of our favourite ports in Mallorca. The town at the port and also the town inland both are really delightful. Being able to anchor and swim in the port is fabulous. It is the only port on the western side of the island to give shelter when the sea rough and the wind is strong
Heading out of the entrance we turn right and continue north east up the coast

As we continue up the coast we pass Cala Tuent which has wide sandy and stone beach and surrounded by mountains
The next bay is the well known Cala de la Calobra which is accessed by either boat, ferry or by road
High, almost vertical cliffs and a small narrow beach to the bay, the spectacular Cala de la Calobra is an amazing destination to visit. Tourists arrive in hoards by ferry and are delivered to a nearby hotel pier and other visitors arrive by car. Behind the cliffs by the sea there is a large valley of sand with a lagoon and a stream which is quite spectacular
As we have visited Cala de la Calobra a couple of times before we continue up the dramatic rugged coast
Punta Beca looms above the sea

Mirrored headlands look striking in the afternoon sun
Looking back to the dramatic coastline
We reach Cabo de Formentor the northern most point of Mallorca
We enter Cala Formentor which used to be a good anchorage however now the bay is filled with mooring buoys which are expensive to pick up if one was available
We decide to head south east and cross Bahia de Pollensa and Bahia de Alcudia in the north east of the island
We approach the headland Cabo Farrutx
We arrive in the anchorage of Cala Es Calo
A day tripper boat visits for an hour or so on its excursion around the bays of the area
We drop our anchor and it doesn’t take us long to go for a swim in the crystal clear water of the bay
While swimming we discover there were quite a few rocks where we had anchored so we decided to move a little further along the bay

Another amazing sunset

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