2018-07-16 Puerto Sòller, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

During the prior evening we were experiencing an unusual wind pattern. One minute the strong wind was coming from one direction and next minute it was coming from another. Then it would calm down and start over again. Overnight this continued where at one stage every boat owner was up trying to protect their boats from others hitting them. Expletives in many different languages could be heard above the wind gusts!!! Most of the boats in the bay had dragged their anchors including ours so at 3 am we saw a clearer spot and decided to move. Later we found out that a meteo tsunami had occurred overnight and had affected the west coasts of Mallorca and Menorca. In some places the 1.5 m surge caused a lot of damage however in Sòller we all were reasonably unscathed
After being up half the night we decided to have a quiet day enjoying the calm perfect conditions on anchor in the bay

We enjoyed a few swims to the beach
By evening there were fewer boats in the bay as many who were here last night had departed

Fortunately a peaceful sunset this evening

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