2018-07-08 to 09 Bahia de Alfacs, Costa del Azahar, Spain

We make the decision not to return to the Balearics for another couple of days. The weather forecast had changed and now thunderstorms and wind from the south were due later in the day and perhaps the following day
It is a great sight seeing the stunning Monsia Mountains which are fringed by Sant Carles de la Rapita
On the coast to the south of the town, is quite a large cement factory which is almost adjacent to the entrance of the enormous sheltered Bahia des Alfacs
During the day a few other boats join us in the large shallow bay
Tonight we dine on one of Ric’s amazing pizzas cooked in the barbecue, accompanied by a nice Spanish vino tinto
A spectacular looking Mediterranean gull arrives at dinner time

Not long after the first arrival, a team of other regular seagulls arrive to inspect the area
Looking back to Sant Carles de la Rapita (with zoom) from Bahia des Alfacs
At sunset clouds began to appear

It was not long before we had a dark blanket of rain clouds looming overhead
Thunder, lightning and rain followed …… however fortunately passed by as quickly as it had arrived
The next morning looked fairly calm and clear
As the day went by more clouds and some wind appeared

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