2018-07-07 Sant Carles de la Rapita to Bahia de Alfacs, Costa del Azahar, Spain

Goodbye to Eddie and Christine
Once again we leave the Sant Carles Marina to go out to the lagoon before returning to the Balearic Islands hopefully the following morning
We had a great position on the visitor’s pier at the marina during our return
Before departing the marina we fill up with fuel for our long journey in the morning. The hardstand by the fuel depot is where we left the Tangaroa for the past couple of years while returning to Australia

With our regular visits here to Sant Carles de la Rapita over the past few years, we have got to know the lovely town quite well
It is a short distance to the lagoon (Bahia des Alfacs) from Sant Carles de la Rapita
Once on anchor out in the bay, Ric telephones the restaurant to see if we are not too late to come for a late lunch
Fortunately we were able to get a table before the kitchen closed
Approaching restaurant Xiringuito de la Costa Bahia Mar
Arriving at the restaurant there were still has a lot of clientele finishing their drinks and desserts and enjoying the late afternoon sun
Friendly staff find an available table for us by the water out of the low hot sun

The Tangaroa on anchor out in the bay

For a quick starter we ordered a plate of delicious local fresh oysters

It wasn’t long before our gigantic seafood platter arrived shorty after we had finished our wonderful oysters

We were thrilled that finally we were able to try one of the restaurants in the lagoon. In the past we were either too early in the season or we were too late in the season, due to their limited opening times
Once we depart there were very few patrons and staff left in the restaurant
The last ferry takes the staff and the piles of rubbish back to the town
A selfie of us !!
Back to the Tangaroa to prepare for our early start in the morning

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