2018-06-29 Cala Horts to Cala Conta, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

After anchoring in Cala Horts last year, we again found it to be a good anchorage on the south west coast of Ibiza
It is a popular bay during peak season however there were very few boats on anchor here overnight

There are a couple of restaurants in the bay and a few other buildings plus a row of conspicuous wooden boat sheds along the rocky shore
After taking the opportunity to have a couple of swims in the morning we depart and continue north up the west coast of Ibiza

Leaving the bay we had to watch out for a flotilla of Kyaks heading in the same direction
A cluster of white houses that resemble mosques are perfectly positioned high on the cliffs overlooking the sea
The next small bay north is the small bay of Cala Carbo
Looking back to the two islands, Islas Vedra and Vedranell off the south west coast
Continuing north we pass one of our favourite bays, Cala Tarida
Next we pass the row of white house by Cala Llantia
As we continue ahead a group of islands come into view
We approach Isla Bosch separated from the coast by shallow waters
Off Isla Bosch on the mid western coast we arrive at the busy and very popular Cala Conta
We decide to anchor in the beautiful bay with the amazing turquoise water
For the forth time over the last week we have seen the super yacht Ace and it’s companion Garcon moored nearby
Cala Conte over summer is one of the most popular destinations for visitors and locals alike
On shore nearby, a rustic casual bar is set up by some old wooden boat sheds

A sandbar laden with colourful beach umbrellas and bronzed bodies is obviously the place to be!!
Between Isla Bosch and the coast is a narrow strip of very shallow waters and the larger vessels appear to anchor in the bigger and deeper bay to the north
By the congested sandbar, which looks like sitting room only, is one of the restaurants that are in the area
The restaurant appears to be a very popular with people queuing up for tables
Just near our mooring to the south is a well guarded mansion which is believed to be owned by a very wealthy Russian
Deliveries of guests to the luxury residence arrive by boat
Goods collected from the residence we delivered to Ace, perhaps there is a connection?

With the temperatures high we spent a lot of time swimming in the warm clear water

In the distance we can see the impressive Torre de Rovira built in 1763 to protect Ibiza’s west coast
Moored for a while near us was a group of English guys out for a boozy evening aboard a couple of hired boats
Simple salad on the menu tonight
Another great sunset

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