2018-06-28 Cala Racò d’es Mares, Isla de Formentera to Cala Horts, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

Early morning peace and quiet in Cala Racò d’es Mares

Off for a swim in the clear blue water

One of the other boats makes a quick exit from the bay

As we make our departure we pass man made caves in the rocks by the water to house small boats
Rustic wooden boat sheds can also be found in several of the tiny coves on Formentera
We head a short distance north west along Playa de Tramontana and come to the small village of San Fernando
Lunchtime for all the visitors and locals

The 96 m super yacht Paladium has returned to Racò d’es Mares after an early departure …..perhaps dropping off guests in Ibiza
We head east towards Punta de la Creu and La Mola (192 m) the highest area of the low lying small island

A lighthouse stands on Punta De Codolar and as we rounded the point we could clearly see numerous tourists waving and taking photos!!
Hotel RUI is situated at Playa de Mitjorn
Playa de Mitjorn has a 4 mile long beach however is unsuitable for an overnight anchorage
Looking back east to Punta Grava

Numerous ancient lookouts are positioned around Isla de Formentera and on Isla Espalmador

On the south west point of the island is Cap Berberia with it’s tall white lighthouse
We continue north up the western side of the island
We arrive at Cala Sabina by the beach, Playa Cabali Borras
This is a very popular anchorage however we were lucky to find a space to drop our anchor and join the numerous boats here
A couple of beautiful large sailing boats are moored nearby

We decide to depart after spending a short time rocking and rolling amongst the crowded fleet of boats in the bay
For the third time we have come across the super yachts Ace and Garcon, always travelling together

We decide the sea was not perfect to give us a good nights sleep with wind overnight, so we make the decision to return to Ibiza to a more sheltered bay
We pass the northern island of Espalmador which is believed to be privately owned
As we head back to Ibiza many clouds start appearing in the distance as if a storm was on it’s way
As we approach Isla Vedra and Isla Vendranell on the south west tip of Ibiza, the storm clouds seemed to have fortunately passed by
As the sunset was approaching we decide to return to Cala Horts which is a familiar anchorage for us, as we have been here a few times before
Fortunately the bay was not crowded and there was plenty of room for us to moor for the night

Ric quickly whipped up a lovely pizza in the barbecue and opened a bottle of vino tinto …… we were pleased to be back in Cala Horts
Great sunset too!!

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