2018-06-27 Playa des Carbo, Mallorca to Cala Racò d’es Mares, Isla de Formentera

We make an early morning 6 am departure from our overnight anchorage of Playa de Carbo on the south easterly coast of Mallorca
Half an hour later we are leaving the coast of Mallorca heading towards Ibiza
This morning we have perfect conditions for our crossing to the southern most island of the Balaeric Islands

Five hours later we are nearing the island of Ibiza
Approaching Isla Tagomago off the northeastern coast of Abiza
Isla Tagomago has a couple of small anchorages on the north eastern side of the island
The western side of Isla Tagomago has another good anchorge
Cala San Vincente, a popular tourist destination on the north east coast of Abiza
Punta Valls
There is a sunken ship off the coast of Carbo Roig which is unmarked on the maps, so we decide to take a wide berth around the point
Cala Mastella with popular restaurant ashore
We continue down the coast past a few lovely bays to Puerto de Santa Eulalia del Rio

Anchored in the bay by Puerto de Santa Eulalia del Rio is the super yacht called ACE
Nearby is another rather large vessel called Garcon…..which looks like it travels with ACE and carries all the toys!!

We enter the marina at Puerto de Santa Eulalia in order to fill up the fuel tanks of the Tangaroa

After fueling up, we continue south down the east coast of Ibiza
Desperate for a swim we enter the popular sheltered bay, Cala Llonga
This normally busy bay had only a handful of boats on anchor in the long narrow bay today when we arrived
A catamaran is moored by the tiny little beach at the entrance to the bay
As we continue south we pass the main town of Puerto Ibiza, which is the capital of the Island of Ibiza

Fishing is one of the important industries of Puerto Ibiza and numerous boats come and go from the port everyday……always followed by huge flocks of birds!!

We decide to continue on south to Isla Formentera which we had not as yet visited
Making our way to the south east point of Ibiza we can see Islas Formentera, Espalmador and Espardel
We near Isla Formentera which is a small island off the south east coast of Ibiza which has only one port and limited facilities
We arrive in Cala Raco d’es Mares which was the most favourable anchorage to stay in overnight
A rather large 95 m super yacht called Palladium was moored in the same bay
Another attractive yacht to keep us company overnight in Cala Raco d’es Mares

Fillet steak and stir fried vegetables for dinner tonight

A few boats on anchor here tonight
Unusual sunset

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