2018-06-26 Cala Barcas to Playa des Carbo via Isla de Cabrera, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

A favourite pastime for the adventurous young beach goers here in Cala Barcas, is cliff jumping
This clear turquoise blue bay has been wonderful  for swimming

From early morning umbrellas make a colourful sight on the two small beaches of the bay
We have immensely enjoyed our time in this very attractive anchorage of Cala Barcas
It is time to depart and continue down the east coast of Mallorca
We pass many lovely bays on our way down the coast
Mallorca has an attractive rugged coastline with the east coast being mountainous with numerous coves
There is no shortage of sandy beaches for the hordes of tourists that descend on the island every year
We enter Cala d’Or which is supposed to be one of the most beautiful calas in all of Mallorca
Marina Cala d’Or which is situated up one of the estuaries, actually in Cala Longa,  is believed to be one of the nicest marinas on the island with a price that matches
The area is obviously very popular when seeing the number of people on the beaches
The bay has some amazing looking villas and numerous large houses and elegant hotels

We continue down the coast passing bay after bay with plenty of large and small boats on anchor

Once we reach the south east point we head to Isla Cabrera which is one of the nearby islands just to the south of Mallorca
The first island we reach is Islote Horadada which is quite conspicuous with it’s striped lighthouse
Not far is the barren, green Isla Conejera with the small rocky islet called  Plana beside it
Further in the distance on Isla de Cabrera, the main island, we see a couple of yachts making their way to the entrance to Puerto de Cabrera
As we near the entrance we clearly can see the ancient castle which was believed to be built in the late 1300’s as a defense against pirates
Once we arrive in the bay there were numerous boats anchored on coloured buoys
We had applied for a permit to visit the Islands as they have become a nature reserve with no normal anchoring and limited visitation
Overnight mooring required an additional pass and booking which we were not aware of  when applying for the permit. Unfortunately a buoy was unavailable for tonight for our size boat
The park ranger from the site explained that we could use a day mooring and leave before 8 pm
During the late afternoon and early evening many boats arrived and picked up their booked mooring buoys
As we were 8 nautical miles off the coast we decided to leave well before sunset as we needed to find an anchorage overnight back on the Mallorcan coast
The scenery around the islands was stunning and the quiet tranquility of the port of Cabrera was incredible
We intend to return at a less busy time of year when we will not have a problem booking a buoy for a night or two
We make our way back to the south east coast to anchor overnight before leaving early in the morning for a crossing to Ibiza
Nearby were a couple of options for anchoring, either in the busy Puerto Colonia de Sant Jordi or off Playa des Carbo nearby……we chose the latter
With a full moon we could have made our first overnight crossing however we chose not to on this occasion….again
It was wonderful sitting down to dinner and watching the sun set over the nearby town of Colonia de Sant Jordi

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