2018-06-23 Cala Fornells to Cala Taulera, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

As our guests only had a couple more nights with us and were flying out of the airport near Mahòn, the capital of Menora, we decided to leave the Fornells this morning to continue around to the south east of the island
As we depart we pass the neat white houses with the military tower on the hill in the background
…..and the lovely shops and restaurants along the waterside
Looking back to our overnight anchorage in the popular and safe Cala Fornells
As we head out of the harbour, as expected we had a north easterly blowing which caused a tiny bit of discomfort for a short while

The sea was quite confused in areas along the coast
Finally we rounded Cabo Favaritx with it’s impressive lighthouse on the north eastern tip of the island
The conditions were much more comfortable now with the breeze behind us instead of hitting us side on
We pass Cala Presili with Mt Toro, the highest mountain and ancient spiritual place on Menorca, in the background
We spot an ancient tower by the point near Cala Rambla
Looking down the east coast towards Punta S’Espero
We pass the popular anchorages sheltered by the island, Isla Colom
Further down the coast is another couple of popular anchorages called Cala S’Arenal Gran and Cala Mesquida
As we reach La Mola, a headland (that may have originally been an island) at the entrance to Puerto Mahòn we can see the bay on the other side where we intend anchoring overnight
After a couple of hours of travelling we reach Punta S’Espero the southern tip of La Mola
Once around the point we are in calm sheltered waters from the north easterly wind
Clot de la Mola, a fair weather anchorage on the southern side of La Mola
We arrive at the entrance to the long deep cala of the capital of Menorca called Mahòn or also known as Maò
Ancient ruins can be seen on either side of the entrance to Puerto Mahòn
On the southern tip of Isla del Lazareto at the entrance to the port, stands the remains of an ancient tower
We head to an anchorage called Cala Taulera which lies just south east beside Isla Lazareto
Numerous well preserved remains of the ancient past of this area can be see on La Mola the eastern headland of the entrance to the port
Well preserved ancient steps can still be seen carved into the rocks by the water
Mahòn is a very busy port and numerous day tripper boats leave regularly taking sightseers to all the wonderful bays and sights at this end of the island of Menorca
We anchor in the delightful small bay of Cala Taulera
There are a few other boats on anchor here in this lovely bay with views of ancient walls and and torres
As the day goes by a few more yachts arrive in Cala Taulera
Julian was pleased he could have another couple of swims around the bay before their departure
What a lovely peaceful setting…..
Time for some wine and cheese tasting before dinner
Tonight we dine on spaghetti with seafood in a lovely fresh tomato sauce
Another beautiful sunset

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