2018-06-22 Cala Pregonda to Cala Fornells, Menorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Early morning in beautiful Cala Pregonda
The beaches will not be deserted for long in this popular bay
The water is so clear we can see both our chain and anchor in 4 m of water
Julian feeling refreshed returning from his morning swim
Meanwhile Prue relaxes on the deck lounges
By mid morning there are many umbrellas lined up on the eastern beach of Cala Pregonda
Time for a swim in the beautiful turquoise water
The beach on the western side of the bay also starts filling up

Some say the prominent limestone rock in the north of the bay looks like a hand or a fist…….everyone sees something different
Several more boats enter the beautiful bay
After spending most of the day enjoying the swimming, lunch and relaxation, at 4 pm we decide to continue east along the northern coast of Menorca
From Cala Pregonda we head a short distance north east towards Cabo Cavalleria
Cabo Cavalleria, the most northern tip of Menorca which can be recognised  from afar by it’s high steep cliffs with a  white lighthouse and white building 
Once around the cape we see the white houses of Playa de Tirant another very popular holiday destination on the northern coast of Menorca
We approach the entrance to Cala Fornells which we tried to visit last year. We were unable to get to the northern coast of Menorca due to the constant very strong northerly winds late in the season 
Once around Cabo Fornells we enter the long deep bay through the narrow entrance which makes it a very sheltered anchorage in most conditions
The Fornells Tower fortress, built by the British between 1801 and 1802, stands on the hill behind the small quaint township
In the large narrow bay there are moorings available or one can anchor in specific areas
Off the mid eastern shore of Cala Fornells is a small islet called Isla Sargantana
We decide to join numerous other boats and anchor in the bay not too far from a jetty
Looking back down the long harbour of Fornells, which is well known for it’s beauty and natural surroundings
We decide to go ashore by dinghy early evening and have a look around the small township of Fornells
Tangaroa in the Fornells

A warm evening with not a breath of wind

Quaint signage
Our happy guests will only be with us for a few more days
The main street of the town runs along the waterfront

After some retail therapy for us girls, Ric finds a local restaurant that rated quite well on TripAdvisor

Wine was ordered and arrived promptly
Ric and I share a very nice beef capaccio for entree
Prue and Julian share tomato and cotija cheese salad
Julian orders a steak this evening
Prue choses the calamari, which looks interesting
Ric decides on fish tonight and orders the sole
I join Ric with the decision to have fish tonight and order the sea bream with smoked salmon and prawns…..delicious
We had a lovely evening out with good, friendly service and all of us enjoying our choices from the menu of Sa Proa

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