2018-06-17 Cala Blanca to Puerto de Sòller Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

After a pleasant overnight stay we leave the crystal clear waters and white stone beach of Cala Blanca

Although Cala Blanca is relatively undeveloped, there has been some very modern houses built on the adjoining hillside
We head toward Cap Llamp with amazing calm conditions
Once around the cape we head west towards Cap de la Mola

There are some magnificent houses on the cliff overlooking Cala Marmacen
We continue around Cap de la Mola

Puerto de Andraitx
Isla Dragonera is the most western point of the island of Mallorca
Julian looks like he is relaxing and enjoying the spectacular scenery
The west coast of Mallorca has the most unspoilt rugged scenery which we were very lucky to experience with such wonderful still and warm weather conditions
Last year we spent a day in Ensa de Sas Hortigas and fortunately once again we have the same wonderful conditions
Swimming with the fish….
The water here in Ensa de Sas Hortigas is the clearest we have experienced in all of Mallorca

We decide to continue on up the coast
We pass the delightful hillside village of Estallenen
We briefly stopped in Peninsular de la Foradada with it’s conspicuous headland complete with peephole!!
Our guests looking very relaxed on their second day of cruising

Finally we arrive in Puerto de Sòller, the major port on the north west coast of Mallorca
Puerto de Sòller is the only major harbour of refuge on the rugged north west coast of Mallorca……our two visits here have been fortunately with the best conditions!!
Arriving in the large port we join many other visiting yachts and drop our anchor

We spot the ancient wooden tram that links the port with the old town of Sòller
As we arrived late, we decided to stay aboard again tonight and started our evening with some refreshing gin & tonics

Chef Ric has our steaks cooking on our Aussie barbecue
Almost ready now…..
Sunset in Sòller
Prue created a couple of great salads with our perfectly cooked steaks

Buen apetito!!!!
A wonderful finish to a great day!!

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