2018-06-12 Porto Petro, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning once again we enjoy a refreshing swim in the harbour

As our outboard for our dinghy, which is being repaired today and will not be ready until after 6 pm, we decide to spend the afternoon visiting one of the small old villages inland from the port
Twenty minutes later we were dropped off in the old town of Santanyi by one of the local taxi drivers
The Santanyi Parish Church by the main square, stands quite prominently over the small township
The city was founded by James II in 1300 and the Chapel of El Roser which was built in 1400 beside the church still survives today
Santanyi is a quaint old town with several street side restaurants and cafes for the numerous tourists that visit regularly

The town is also well known for it’s Santanyi Stone, which is limestone from the local quarries. The stone from here has been used to build the most important monuments on the island
Seated in the shade from the hot sun, we stop for a cool drink and a light lunch

Sa Botiga with it’s quaintly decorated facade and German chef, not only serves lunch, however one can have breakfast and an evening meal here too
Ric enjoyed his deep fried mozarella cheese with salad
…..and helped me with the delicious carpaccio of beef and salad too

Ric spots the ice cream vendor in the main square!!
Lots of delicious flavours to chose from….
Most of the buildings in Santanyi are built by the local limestone

Fernando has an amazing men’s wear shop in Santanyi called Ferrer, which specialises¬†in fabulous men’s shirts!!!
After spending several hours in the lovely town of Santanyi we take a taxi back to Porto Petro
As promised our outboard service and repair was done and after collecting and installing the motor, Ric was pleased with the results
A number of visiting boats in the small marina in Porto Petro
In the evening we decided to have dinner in one of the delightful restaurants along the waterfront
Ric orders a nice vino tinto

We share the generous portion of fabulous local mussels in tomato served at Restaurant Norai
Restaurant Norai, Porto Petro
For the main course we share a small grilled seabass which has been expertly filleted by our waitress

A table of lovely young ladies also enjoying dinner at Norai
After a very pleasant dinner we return to the boat

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