2018-06-07 Real Club Nautica, Palma, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

This morning we are faced with a heavy downpour

By lunchtime the sun was shining brightly
It was a good opportunity to get out on the bikes now that the clouds had disappeared
We pass the large motor yachts lined up along the shore opposite some elegant restaurants and cafes
There is a wonderful bike track that goes for many kms along the coast from Palma
Looking back to Palma’s iconic Cathedral
Following the coast we ride in an easterly direction
Many stretches of sandy beaches are situated of not far from the centre of Palma

Portixol is a small port 3kms from Palma

Portixol was originally a small fishing village and now has become a sort after suburb of Palma
Because of it’s close proximity to the heart of Palma it has been very popular
Many of these small houses have been used for Air B&Bs or holiday accommodation

Cute little houses line the foreshore
After an hour of riding it was time to turn around and head back to Palma

It was great to see some surfers out today
Again passing the trendy cafes in Portixol
…….and the marina
Within a month this beach will be full of holidaymakers
A couple of ancient windmills stand out of place beside this modern hotel and restaurant

We arrive back in Palma after a harder return riding into the wind….did not use the electrics on bike today

In the evening we once again set off for dinner in the town
We start off with stopping at a small restaurant and bar called Amaya for a whiskey sour and a Margarita
We decide to have Japanese food for dinner and after booking we arrive at Izakaya

We start with some hot sake
……….we enjoy some edame beans and typical Japanese dumplings called gyozas
Good wine selection and good recommendation by the staff
Tempura prawns and vegetables served in a wonderful soup
The beef with vegetables were truly outstanding

After some discussion about tuna belly with one of the amazing staff, next minute a sample of their superb sashimi tuna arrives for us to try
The chocolate dessert looked amazing and also was quite spectaular
We give Izakaya 10 out of 10!!!

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