2018-06-06 Cala Portals to Real Club Nautica, Palma, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Mid morning we depart from Cala Portals and slowly make our way to Palma

Leaving Cala Portals we head north
We pass many large elegant homes on the cliffs overlooking Bahia de Palma

As we near Palma, there are many more high rise apartment blocks overlooking the water
The small islets of Las Illetas by Portais Nous

A sleek yacht leaving port
Arriving at the port of Palma
Overlooking the harbour is the grand Cathedral of Palma
Once through the entrance of the large port we head towards the marinas
The port of Palma is home for many superyachts

In the backgound on the hill overlooking Palma is Castillo de Bellver
The berth we booked on this occasion was with the Real Club Nautico of Palma
Once settled in our berth, as per normal we washed down the boat and got a load of washing done!!
Once organised we left the boat to have a walk around town
This is a very large marina and we are situated on the right near the end of pontoon 15

The main office of the Real Club Nautico of Palma
It is along walk to get to the marina entrance which fortunately is in the heart of Palma…….there however is a shuttle service which you can ring to collect you by using the boat radio
The magnificent Cathedral

On our last visit we were unable to see the interior of the church so on this occasion were we not going to miss out……quite stunning complete with the Gaudi influence

We visit the Cloisters which was less impressive
Time for a refreshing drink
A beer and a nice fruity mocktail with coconut and strawberries!!

Hard to get Ric past this shop…

Although in the heart of the town, still some traditions have not changed over the years near the harbour
Later in the evening we decided to try the Naan Restaurant which specializes in street food from all over the world
Without making a booking we were very lucky to get a cosey table for two in the front corner of the restaurant……they make good margaritas here!!
Ceviche Naan with seabass, sweet potato, avocado, cancha corn and leche de tigre
Peruvian salad with quinoa salad and char grilled calamari
Fabulous bread
Chow Fan Striped Bass grilled with stir fried quinoa, veggies, prawns and panka chilli
Great dessert with Grappa
We give Naan 9.5 out of 10 for friendly service and especially the fabulous food experience


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