2018-06-04 Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza to Cala Portals, Mallorca, Islas Baleares, Spain

Goodbye to Puerto de San Miguel
We leave early at 7 am this morning as we decided to take a weather window and travel across to Mallorca in reasonable comfort
Queen Victoria stands proudly at the entrance to Cala Binirras as we pass
We continue north east up the west coast of Ibiza looking back at the morning sun glowing on the rugged coastline

Approaching the northern tip of Ibiza we pass a popular bay called  Cala Portinatx where we have previously anchored in a couple of times last year
Punta Moscarte is a rocky headland at the northern tip of Ibiza with a striking lighthouse with diagonally black and white stripes
We travel this morning with the most perfect calm conditions
Five hours later travelling in a north easterly direction we see the outline of the popular holiday island of Mallorca
As we near Mallorca we pass a number of large super yachts

The small islet called Islote El Toro with the popular port of Adriano behind
We approach the most southern tip of the western coast of the island of Mallorca
The lighthouse at Punta de Cala Figuera which also starts the entrance to the large bay, Bahia de Palma, where the capital city of Mallorca is situated
Entering into the large Bahia de Palma we pass the popular small bay called Cala Figuera
Slightly north we enter Cala Portals (also known as Portals Vells) which was very busy with boats on anchor of all sizes when we arrived
With Ric’s great manoeuvring expertise we managed to comfortably get a spot in the bay!!

A cruise ship leaves Palma heading for it’s next port of call

Ric had his eye on a better position in the bay once all the day trippers departed
A most picturesque sheltered spot in the bay complete with ancient man made caves
Looking across to the northern entrance to Cala Portals
Dinner of steak and stir fried vegetables is served
A few clouds started appearing during the evening and showers were forecast overnight

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