2018-06-03 Puerto de San Antonio to Puerto de San Miguel, Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

After spending the night on anchor in the harbour of Puerto San Antonio, which is situated on the west coast of Ibiza, we prepare to depart mid morning
This port has quite a large marina and is very popular during the summer season by vessels and sailing boats of all sizes
Arriving late the previous evening after a long trip from Denia on the Spanish coast, we were pleased we had a comfortable and pleasant night here on anchor in the large port

As we made our way out of the harbour there was a fleet of tuna purse seine trawlers on anchor
As we approached Ibiza the previous evening we passed this fleet accompanied by a large trawler towing a big circular tuna cage
Once these purse seiner trawlers capture the tuna they are then transferred into the tuna cage for on growing……..this method was first developed in Port Lincoln in Australia
As we leave Puerto San Antonio we pass Cala Grassio
We continue north up the rugged west coast of Ibiza
Another motor boat speeds past us heading up the coast
The scenery of this coast is absolutely spectacular

We approach Isla Bosch which shelters  Puerto de San Miguel which lies beside Cala Binirras
Puerto de San Miguel is a deep cala which has numerous hotels
We decide to return to the lovely Cala Binirras
At the entrance to Cala Binirras is the rock Islota Bernat which most certainly resembles Queen Victoria
Clouds still make their appearance over the bay this afternoon
We decide to go ashore in the dinghy when the skies cleared
We leave the Tangaroa safely moored in the small bay overlooked by the Queen

Several casual restaurants surround the beach in Cala Binirras
We sit down for a coffee and a small snack while ashore

Market day today

In peek season this beach would be standing room only!!!

Once back aboard the Tangaroa we decided to move into the other bay for the night as the wind was forecast to blow straight into Cala Binirras overnight
Puerto de San Miguel is more sheltered as it has Isla Bosch protecting the entrance

Although surrounded by a few hotels and apartment blocks, Puerto de San Miguel is a very pleasant anchorage
Ric is the pizza chef this evening!!
A fabulous thin based pizza with plenty of fresh tomato, mushrooms, Spanish salami, jalapenos, olives, artichokes and cheese……and fresh basil from our herb garden aboard
Accompanied by a nice Spanish vino tinto

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