2018-05-24 to 29 Sant Carles de la Rapita, Costa del Azahar, Spain

For several days the rain and the wind hardly stopped here along the Spanish coast. While northern Europe and Scandinavia were having a heat wave……were were being drenched…….very unusual weather here!!
The fishermen still went out almost everyday
……and returned one after another surrounded by thousands of birds!!!
We copied Ernesto’s tomatoes however did not have any black olives……was great
We enjoyed cooking aboard over this damp period and got a lot of cleaning and organising done on the Tangaroa
This evening we are enjoying a Thai red seafood curry….it was delicious and nice and spicy
Ricci our friend comes over one evening during the deluge and joins us for a steak and veggies
Finally a day of sunshine!!!!
One of those amazing trees was planted in a special place in the marina in memory of the deceased son of a delightful English couple who live on their boat in the marina. It was very sad to hear about their loss
With the sun out and need of exercise we head off on foot into the town
Through the narrow back streets
Past the carnisseria……with the photo in the window

Approaching the main square
……..and the familiar central town roundabout
Seeing it was Sunday we decide to go back and see Ernesto and his family at Taverna Dalmau for a late lunch before we depart
Again we have mussels which always are delicious
A bottle of good chilled vino tinto
When we arrived we had to wait for a table as the restaurant was very busy
Today we have the calamari with the deep fried green peppers and spinach
……and the wonderful sole with beautiful homemade chips and vegetables
As usual Ric enjoys his chocolate pudding and chocolate icecream dessert
Ernesto shows off one of the live lobsters which had just arrived
We receive the wonderful complimentary rice liqueur which is made in this area from the bomba rice which is grown at the nearby Ebre Delta which adjoins Sant Carles
A final goodbye to Ernesto and his daughter Paula. Over the past couple of years we would have dined here at least a dozen times while preparing or leaving our boat here in Sant Carles de la Rapita. Lovely people, great food and a man that cooks from the heart!!!

The pleasant young lady that offered to take our photo
After complimenting the owners on their almost new  catamaran, we were unexpectedly invited to go aboard to have a look…..certainly a beautiful boat, both inside and out

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