2018-05-19 Sant Carles de la Rapita, Costa del Azahar, Spain

We check out of Hotel del Port where we have stayed for a couple of nights since our arrival
The marina for small local boats in the port
It is a pleasant walk along the tree lined promenade which extends along the foreshore for many hundreds of metres

With our luggage we arrive back at the Sant Carles Marina 
It is great to be aboard to prepare the Tangaroa for our departure
We spent the afternoon taking a quick trip to Tarragona to pick up some gear for the boat that was unavailable in Sant Carles
On our way out of town we again pass this building….still trying to find out it’s function!!
My favourite large bonsai style trees…..I would love to take one home!!!

Ships moored off Tarragona
After a quick shopping trip we return to Sant Carles
More of those great trees to chose from
Sant Carles Marina

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