2017-10-19 to 23 Cairo, Egypt to London to KL to Singapore to Melbourne to Hobart

Today we leave the great city of Cairo which we would love to visit again in the future
Our comfortable hotel situated in Giza during our stay in Cairo
Collecting us to take us to the airport is Mohamed, the Cairo based Egyptian Abercrombie & Kent Representative with our driver Ali. Mohamed went out of his way to look after us during our stay and Ali safely drove us and our guide to all the local sites
The very large shopping complex  called The First Mall conveniently situated beside the hotel
Again we cross the great River Nile
The traffic in Cairo can be absolutely chaotic however today we had a reasonable run to the airport
On the way we see a few unfortunate mishaps
We pass several churches

……we pass yet another large statue of the famous Rames II
We arrive at the Cairo International Airport 50 minutes later
Goodbye to Mohamed and Ali
Three hours later our Egyptian Air flight departs Cairo for London
Fabulous sunset

On arrival  in London we have a night at a nearby Heathrow Airport Hotel
Preparing for our flight with Malaysia Airlines to KL the following day
Unfortunately after departing from Heathrow Airport with Malaysia Airlines we had a  couple of issues 2 hours into the flight and unfortunately we had to return to London. We spent another 24 hours in London and finally flew to KL the next evening
Arriving in KL
As we could not get a suitable flight to Australia from KL we were flown with Singapore Airlines to Singapore to join a Qantas flight to Melbourne
One of the most tiring and longest journeys returning home to Tasmania …….it took 88 hours from leaving our hotel in Cairo!!!!!
It is so wonderful to be back home  with our family and little granddaughters all dressed up with some Egyptian gear !!

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