2017-10-13 Sanctuary Sunboat 1V, Aswan, Egypt

This morning we are collected from the boat to be driven to the Aswan Airport to catch a flight to Abu Simbel
Driving south we cross to the west bank of the Nile River over the Aswan Dam


We arrive at the Aswan International Airport just after 8 am
This is the first time we have come across a segregated check in area, with women on one size and men on the other!!
After spending 6 hours at the airport we made the decision to return to the boat. The flight from Luxor was late due to a few mechanical issues however every hour the airport staff said it will be arriving within the hour or two…..disappointing for us and also for another couple from the boat. The visit to Abu Simbel was to be the highlight of their trip to Egypt
We return back across the Aswan Dam
Again we pass the ancient Temple of Philae which we visited the day before on the small island of Agilkia
We pass the Nile Museum

We arrive back at the boat after our disappointing long wait at the airport attempting to get to Abu Simbel

Once aboard we had a refreshing beer and proscecco in the lounge

Nearby  is the Aswan Bridge

Gin & Tonic on the upper deck again tonight
Another fabulous sunset over the Nile
For dinner tonight we chose some delicious vegetarian dishes to start with

The cannelloni dish tonight was very tasty

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