2017-10-12 Sanctuary Sunboat 1V, Kom Ombo to Aswan, Egypt

Once again the Sanctuary Sun Boat 1V left quite early for the trip to Aswan
After breakfast the Sanctuary  Sun Boat 1V  berthed in Aswan where there were several vehicles lined up to collect the passengers who were keen to go on the morning excursion
At 8.30 am we left the boat and headed south along the road beside the Nile River

On the west bank, cut into the hill called Tabet el-Hausa, a necropolis can be seen containing about forty tombs dating back to the 3rd millenium BC.  A fortified monastery was erected on the hilltop however was destroyed in the 12 Century AD by Saladin, the first Sultan of Egypt
Our first stop is to the Granite Quarries
Here we visit the famous unfinished obelisk which was intended to be erected for Queen Hatshepsut who died in 1458 BC
Our guide Alaa explains the history of the quarry and the method used to make the enormous obelisks
The unfinished obelisk would have been 41 m high with a weight of 1267 tons. The reason why it was uncompleted was that it had developed fissures in several points, so it was never removed from the rock
After visiting the quarry we were naturally taken back to the vehicle via the shopping market….
Our next visit is to go to one of the small islands to visit the Temple of Philae. Once past the market we make our way to the pier
Our small tour group heads towards our allocated boat for the short trip
A couple of salesmen make the trip with us hoping to sell a few items
Many boats lay idle in the small coves of the river

As we arrive, looking back to a large group returning to Aswan town after visiting the ancient temple
Following our guide Alaa we make our way toward the long row of columns
When the old Aswan Dam was first built in 1904 the Temple of Philae (situated on a nearby island with the same name) ended up underwater. It was an amazing feat to have it moved to this higher island called Agilkia

We approach the facade of the first pylon

In the back ground is Trajan’s Kiosk of Philae

Time to make our way back to the boat

Lunch is served in the dining room today

After lunch we could take a ride on a felucca, a typical Egyptian sail boat
Being keen sailors we jumped at the opportunity
We wore our life jackets for a minute or two…….conditions certainly were not rough

Such a fabulous sight on the Nile
Our Captain
…….and the first mate

A couple of young boys paddled over and started signing “Frère Jacques”
Happily they paddled off with some notes between their teeth!!
The “Old Cataract”, the hotel where Agatha Christie wrote ‘Death on the Nile’ and where many other well known people have stayed
Keen photographer….
On the hill in the distance is the Agha Khan Mausoleum

Another pair of singers arrive!!!

Once back at the boat we had some time to relax and freshen up before dinner
Elegant entree
Scrumptious soup
Fabulous fish
Beautiful beef
It was the last night aboard for some of the guests…..a Bombe Alaska was served as dessert and there was plenty of music and singing to follow

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