2017-10-11 Sanctuary Sunboat 1V, Luxor to Kom Ombo, Egypt

Very early this morning the Sanctuary Sunboat 1V departs from the dock in Luxor for an all day cruise to Kom Ombo, via a stop in Edfu on the way
At around 5.40 am after travelling for quite a while already we approach the town of Esna
Passing through the lock in Esna we continue up the Nile River

Slowly the sun starts rising
We continue cruising, having breakfast aboard while watching the wonderful scenery pass by

Many fishermen in small wooden boats are out fishing early this morning
After breakfast we explore the other decks of the boat

The top deck with a pool

We pass one of the very few cruise boats that are operating on the Nile at the moment

Before passing under the low bridge in Edfu the staff have to go through the process of lowering the two wooden structures on the roof of the boat

After cruising for several hours we approach the mooring in Edfu
Numerous cruise ships are permanently moored here
Carriages begin to arrive at the dock where the Sanctuary Sun Boat 1V is moored
At precisely 10 am we depart the boat for a visit to the Edfu Temple
We were all allocated a carriage with a driver to take us to visit the ancient temple
It was a very interesting trip through the main streets of the town
Freshly baked bread is popular here

Close to the temple was a parking lot for the horses and carriages
We follow our guide, Alaa towards the entrance to the ancient site
The Temple of Horos, as it is known, is the second largest and most completely preserved of all the Egyptian temples
In front of the massive temple is the Courtyard of Libations
The Temple of Horus was built during the Ptolemaic period (332-32 BC) on top of an older temple. It is 137 m long and the front is 79 m wide with the pylons 36 m high
On guard at the entrance are two impressive black granite statues depicting Horus in the form of a falcon
One side of the massive temple
Entering the Temple we are overwhelmed with the sheer size of the building

In the sanctuary, still in a perfect state of preservation is a very extraordinary tabernacle carved from a single block of granite (see behind) from inscriptions it was constructed 360 BC
The other side of the temple
After our very interesting visit to the Temple of Horus, we head back to the carriage and return to the boat

Once aboard we depart Edfu and continue cruising south up the Nile towards Kom Ombo
Ric has a little rest before lunch is served!!
A delicious barbecue lunch is served on the rear terrace

Delicious desserts

A tour of the kitchen was offered by the staff after the cooking class….naturally I accepted
The chefs were already preparing the evening feast
The head chef was very proud of his galley aboard the boat

Drinks beside the pool tonight
Gin & tonics on the top deck
Spectacular sky tonight
We finally arrive at Kom Ombo
Some of the guests aboard leave to visit the temple before dinner…..we will have another opportunity to do so in a few days time
Dinner tonight has an Egyptian theme and the food served is a buffet of Egyptian specialties
All the guests aboard have acquired their Egyptian outfits from the shop on board

Delicious Egyptian desserts to finish a lovely evening
Dancing and some fun to finish off the evening

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